Previous Activities


  1. Contest Preparatory ClassThis is basically a guiding and coaching session by Mohammad Samiul Islam, student of NSU who has qualified himself as world finalist for ACM ICPC world final 2016 and have won many national and international competitions. The class is conducted each Wednesday in Tower-1, Room-404 from 1500 to 1800 hours.


  1. Beginners Programming. This session is for 1st and 2nd year students who are eager to learn programming, Algorithms and Data Structures. This Class is conducted by 3rd and 4th year programming expert students of CSE Dept on each Saturday from 1000 t0 1300 hours.
  1. Internal Programming Competition. Computer Club organizes onsite programming competition to practice Algorithm and Data structure weekly basis.
  1. Participation of Programming Competition outside MIST. On 7 May 2016 Programming Competition was held in Daffodil International University where 60 universities   their best Programming Team.  MIST Team comprising Shubhashis Roy Dipta (CSE-13), Mahmudur Rahman (CSE-13) and Arnab Roy (CSE14) participated in the competition and secured the 7th position among 60 team.




  1. National Competitions:Students who are attending in Computer Club are constantly participating various national programming contest and Hackathon which happens throughout the year in the country.






6. International Collegiate Programming Competition: Every year an International programming contest is organized throughout the world which selection process is happen throughout the country. Students from all over the country participate in this competition. Our university is participating in this contest every year. In 2015 our university has achieved19th position among 120 participants from almost 70 universities of Bangladesh.


  1. Organizing Events: This club is also arranging various events so that students can learn new things. Recently this club arranged workshop on “RobiBDapps” and arranged another collaborative event with MICROSOFT.





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