COVID-19 Disinfectant UV Robot | UVC-PURGE V2.0 by MCC R&D

UVC-Purge v2.0


For the first time in Bangladesh with the wholehearted effort of students of Military Institute of Science and Technology with the support of department of Computer Science & Engineering have developed UVC disinfection semi-autonomous robot to fight against current Covid-19 pandemic. After the successful trial of prototype version team UVC-Purge have developed UVC Purge v2.0. UVC Purge v2.0 is now much more robust, compact, user friendly and capable then before. This robot has been upgraded to 6 T5 UVC (254 nm) lamp to inactive SARS cov-2 virus (coronavirus) effectively with a disinfection time of 2-3 minutes in a standard 12”-16” room. It is semiautonomous in nature by preventing any unintentional damage with obstacles. Being fully wireless controlled by mobile app or computer UVC-Purge is very user friendly with 2500 square feet coverage. It is applicable for any indoor environment such as Hospital, ICU, Office room, Class room, Corridor, Personal Apartment etc. Moreover, it has a good battery backup of 6 hours. 


Name Level Dept
Capt Akib Zaman L-4 CSE
Shoeb Ahmed Tanjim L-3 CSE
Shafayetul Islam L-3 CSE
Ahasan Siddique L-3 ME
Nafiz Imtiaz Khan L-4 CSE
Shadman Adeeb L-4 CSE
Riasat Haque L-2 CSE
Rashid Ul Islam L-1 CSE
Rayhan Ferdous Faisal L-1 CSE


Dept of CSE, MIST


  • Optimum UVC exposure lamp to disinfect
  • Real-time camera feedback system.
  • Semi-Autonomous Nature.
  • Long lasting battery backup.
  • User friendly control system on both mobile and computer with a large area of coverage.
  • Cost Effective. 


Applicable for any indoor environment such as classroom, officeroom, Operation Theater, ICU, apartment, corridor, market etc.  


85k Tk. (approximate) 


Chief Patron: Maj Gen Md Wahid-Uz-Zaman, ndc, aowc, psc, te, Commandant, Military Institute of Science & Technology  

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Last updated on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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