NSU Cybernauts National Programming Contest 2018


On 24th March four teams from MIST participated in Cybernauts NPC 2018.
MIST_Ulkapindo (Ishmam IhtiazSayed Ahmad, Shabab Hasnat Toha) stood 19th solving 6 problems.

MIST_Beatles( Kamrul AshrafShalahuddin ShantoOsman Sajid) , MIST_Audacity( Takik HasanRafin NeazWazed Rifat)
and MIST_Triod( Rabius Sunny Rizon , Sifat Bin Zaman-SrijonShovon Niverd Pereira) stood 43rd, 52nd and 60th respectively.
They all solved four problems.Number of total participant was 133.

Best wishes to these teams for their efforts and for future performances.

Detailed Ranklist

Last updated on Monday, December 30, 2019

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