Welcome to MIST Computer Club.

Today’s world is now ruled by ‘COMPUTER’. To cope with this era, it is totally impossible without computer and its surrounding arena. In Bangladesh, today “Digital Bangladesh” is not a dream, it is the fact. So every people of Bangladesh should come forward to educate their selves is this aspect.

Considering the above situation, from the very beginning MIST, specially CSE department had taken remarkable initiatives. Currently this department is continuing its journey with PhD, M.Sc and B.Sc. programs smoothly.  CSE department of MIST has seven modern and international level laboratories. As a result this department is offering different short courses for IT people regularly and also conducting different training programs for government organizations.

MIST Computer Club is one of the favorite and time demanding clubs in MIST with lots of resources. The club has its own membership structure which performing by an executive body with some specific terms and conditions. One of the pioneer works of the club is to arrange and participate in different national and international ICT festivals, workshops and seminars marching with Google Development Group, Microsoft Corporation and so many enlightened companies with various events of competitions which are rewarded by prize money, crests and certifications.

The prime target of this club is to grow up leadership and develop personal skills of MIST’s students on software programming and applications, different operating systems and also to prepare MIST’s students for international contests. The major emphasis of the club is to get opportunity for its members in the different international events.

Last updated on Monday, September 26, 2016

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