Workshop on Arduino arranged by MIST Computer Club

A basic Arduino workshop was arranged by MIST Computer Club for the level 4 students of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department. The event took place on last Saturday and as many as 80 students participated in the workshop. The instructors shortly briefed the students about Arduino. Then they went on to conduct 12 different projects with the students by dividing them into different groups. A written quiz took place afterwards and the winners received t-shirts for their brilliance. Respected Head of the Department Col Humayun Kabir was present during the prize giving ceremony along with other faculty members OF the CSE department. Respected ICT Specialist Munir Hasan was present on the occasion and shared his valuable thoughts through an inspiring short speech. All in all it was a great opportunity for the students to gain hands on experience regarding Arduino and to be inspired to do innovative things with the help of technology.

Last updated on Monday, November 20, 2017

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